& our customers are loving it!

SDG Custom Built Refrigeration, Freezer & Cooler Trailers.

In 2018 they’re the only COOL trailers to be seen using.


Our features include:

  • Two 3500 lb. leaf spring axles with electric brakes
  • .030 aluminum metal
  • Tubing main frame, walls, & ceiling
  • Radial tires
  • LED lights
  • 3/4″ Advantech sub flooring & walls
  • .063 gauge ATP flooring 
  • .030 Finished metal walls & ceiling
  • 4 inches of closed cell insulation
  • 1/8″ thick freezer curtains
  • LED light inside
  • Heatcraft refrigeration unit 
  • 10,000 watt generator
  • E-Track on both side walls

Interested in a Cooler Trailer?

SDG Cooler Trailers custom build any size trailer with any option to your personal requirements. We can offer this total customization because we build our trailers from the frame up, unlike many of the competition.

We frame it, insulate, install, and finish it out all on site and all at the highest standards, unlike the competition, but we won’t go there!

SDG Cooler Trailers custom built trailers cater to many industry uses including: produce, meat & seafood, florist, extra storage for restaurants, and so much more.